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Thank you for visiting Viridian Earth Contracts. We are happy to showcase our work on this site and to encourage you to contact us when you need assistance with words.


Here’s how Viridian can help you:

It all comes down to quality control. How do you want people to view your product write-ups, your menus, your publicity material, your book? First impressions make a difference when enticing that very special customer to your business. You want any information your business creates to reflect well upon the work that you do. We can help.

Editing, from proofreading all the way through to re-writing, is a service we specialize in. We maintain your business’s voice and deliver work that gives you the best foot forward to impress.

Need publicity material but no writer on staff?

No problem. At Viridian we are happy to take your ideas and make them happen for your business. Whether it is in creating a newsletter or brochure, press release or bio, we are here to choose the words that will make your business sing.

Got an idea for an article for your magazine?

Great! We would be delighted to delve into the subject, conduct interviews and provide a story, before deadline, just for your publication. We have a track record of published newspaper and magazine articles, on an array of different subjects, for review.

Preparing a manuscript for publication but having headaches over writers’ guidelines?

Send it over. We have a history of working with academic professionals who have done 99 per cent of the work, but just need help with the finishing touches before sending a masterpiece off to a journal. Formatting your manuscript to meet the guidelines of the publication is a service we are happy to provide for you.

Take a look at each of the pages then send us a comment if you have any questions.


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